Tăiător de freză / two-shaft mill shredder mw-600×400

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AZTECH is a leading POLISH manufacturer of industrial machinery on both Polish and foreign markets. Our company is selling new and used machines and also spare parts for machines.

TWO-SHAFT MILL SHREDDER is a low-speed device, equipped with cutting knives and scraper counter-knives. The device has been adapted to grinding various types of materials: wood (walls, pallets), plastics (foil, jute bags, plastic barrels), paper (waste paper, cardboard), thimbles, steel / aluminum barrels, tires, chipboard, household appliances, furniture waste , cartridge case, sheet metal, aluminum profiles, cables, electric garbage, municipal waste, aluminum shavings and many more.

The sales offer applies to a new machine – TWO-SHAFT MILL SHREDDER model: MS-600×400


Technical data :

Cutting chamber dimensions – 600x400mm
Thickness of the knives – from 10 to 30 mm (possibility to configure)
Number of moving knives – from 20 to 60 (depending on thickness)
Knives rotation speed – 15-22 rpm
Engine – 2x 15 kW
Weight: 2600 kg

Models available:

Cutting chamber dimensions – 1000x600mm
The thickness of the knives – from 10 to 30 mm (possibility to configure)
Number of movable knives – from 100 to 33 (depending on thickness)
Knives rotation speed – 15
Engine – 2x 30 kW
Weight: 4600 kg

The machine has a direct drive, on each shaft separately through huge WD400 gearboxes and electric motors. It has speed regulation and reverse.
The device includes a machine, a solid platform and a complete control cabinet.

We have in stock other types of new, never used double shaft mills and hammer crushers of various powers and capacities.

The universal mill is excellent for recycling !!!


We invite you to try our offer and if in Poland, to visit our point of sales in Opole region – YOU HAVE THE POSSIBILITY TO TEST OUR MACHINE WITH YOUR MATERIAL.

Satu Mare,

Michal Samek

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